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What We Do



In order to be healthy and live at our best, and in order to avoid sickness, we have to do things that help the body function properly. So, we start first with what controls all function in the body: The Brain and Nervous System.

This system is how your body interprets what is going on in the world around you, and how your body adapts to it. If the signals get messed up, then the interpretation and response don’t work like they are supposed to, and as a result you begin to break down.

Sometimes that looks like mechanical degeneration(think arthritis), but it also starts a physiological process known as dis-ease. Your immune system becomes weaker. Your hormones get out of balance. Your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis(balance) begins to be compromised, and shortly thereafter you find that you get sick more often, you have more allergy problems, your blood sugar gets out of whack, your blood pressure gets too high, you can’t digest properly, and on and on.

Our job, and our primary goal, is to get you back to optimal function so that the body can do it’s job. We start with the Spine and the Nervous System because that is the foundation. But, once we get that starting to work better, then we move on to how to properly move, how to properly eat, and how to best keep your mind in an optimal state to help you thrive.

We approach your healthcare totally different than any other doctor you have ever been to because we start with how the body is supposed to work and adapt. We understand that symptoms must be dealt with, but we also know that they are merely warning signs that something is out of balance in the body, and that it needs to be addressed. If you truly want to be healthy, we have systems here at Matt Parsons Chiropractic to help you get on that path and stay there.

Currently there are three of us on staff here at Matt Parsons Chiropractic Associates:

Dr. Matthew Parsons

Chiropractic Assistant/ Office Co-Manager Penny Parsons

Chiropractic Assistant/ Office Co-Manager Tayler Cummins

We opened in Bastrop, TX in May 2006 with the purpose of bringing chiropractic and wellness to anyone we are able to reach.


Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-12 and 2-6 and Tuesday 8-12. Closed on Thursday and Saturday