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So the AHA Says Coconut Oil is “Unhealthy”. Is This True?

A few weeks back, the American Heart Association came out making the statement that coconut oil is not healthy to eat.

Over the next couple of weeks those of us that are on the health and wellness side of the healthcare field gave a huge lashback, pointing out that not only was the AHA wrong on this according the best research, but that it’s important to really take a skeptical look at any dietary advice that the organization gives, after all, they are the ones that about 20-30 years ago told everyone to eat “low fat” which in turn got most people to eat high carbohydrate.

And, while I’m not in the super low carb diet camp, I think we can all see the results of where the avoidance of fats and increased eating of processed carbs has gotten us.

The rates of heart disease haven’t changed significantly, in fact, if anything they seem to have risen. Likewise for other chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.

In the video below, I talk a little more about coconut oil and my opinion on the AHA’s stance. Check it out:

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