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Get Out of Bed Like this to Avoid Low Back Pain

Have you ever noticed how sometimes that most basic things in life make all the difference? Well, that’s 100% true for this tip to help with low back pain!

Years ago, I learned this one thing that made such a big difference in not only my life, but since then probably hundreds if not 1000’s of others lives as well. And, that is the most basic thing that all of us start our day with, getting out of bed.

Getting out of bed can of course be done a million different ways from trying to sit straight up, to even at times, rolling out onto the floor and then crawling up(Believe me, I’ve heard this from new patients more than once.)

Oddly enough, there are good ways and bad ways of even doing something so simple as getting out of bed and in the video below, I go over the best way to do so.  Check it out:

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