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This Low Back Issue Could Keep You from Your Best Workouts

It’s been great to see all of the people that have started to become more interested in fitness in the last couple of decades. People have been hitting the gym more, picking running, doing Crossfit, etc. And, my personal favorite, Powerlifting has been on the rise from everything I can tell. So word is out on just how beneficial exercise is and how much it can impact people’s lives. Still, there is something that I haven’t personally heard anyone really address and that’s what this article is all about. If there a certain low back issue going on, you will NEVER optimize your workouts, and that low back issue is pelvic imbalance.

I would estimate that 85-90% of the people that have walked into my office with any sort of low back, hip, knee, leg or even ankle or foot complaint have had some sort of pelvic imbalance.

Now, I’ve touched on this before in a couple of videos and articles, but I feel so strongly about this, that I feel like I just need to keep hammering this message. The pelvic bone will often rotate and/or dip on one side. This can happen because someone has an anatomically shorter leg on one side, but in most people it happens as a result of poor biomechanics over time. At any rate, once this happens, it doesn’t matter how much core work or balance work you do. It doesn’t matter how much you squat or deadlift. You simply cannot get the best out of you body with this going on.

Add to that, that although exercises and stretches can improve the problem, they won’t get rid of the problem, and you can see that this is something that more people need to address. In order to really get this fixed, you have to have someone evaluate you and if there is an issue, they may need to adjust you and/or do some blocking or positioning type therapies. Combine this type of treatment with exercises and now you have a winning combo.

I explain more in the video below:


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