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Nutrition and Supplements

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

There are several different companies that I use for different supplements, and I am always looking out for better versions of any/all of the supplements that I take as well as what I recommend to my patients and readers. Below are some of the ones that I highly recommend that you can either buy through our office or that you may be able to find through another provider if you are one of my readers from further away. Many of these supplements can be bought through my online dispensary. If you would like access to that, you must me on my email list. Just add your name and email in the form in the sidebar.


probiotic123Probiotic 123 from Pure Encapsulations. We’ve been using this one with my kiddo for about a year and a half or so now. It’s great for little ones and provides some basic building blocks for their little GI System. It’s also dairy and soy free. Pure Encapsulations only sells their products through healthcare providers. If you would like to order through our office, call and/or email drmatt@mattparsonschiropractic.com to find out how you can order through our office.


klairevital10Vital 10 from Klaire Labs. I just recently switched to this probiotic primarily to see if I liked it as well as the one that I used to take. I have also used this one with patients and so far it’s been good. I love the fact that it’s loaded with enough of the good bacteria to help maintain a healthy gut and again that it’s allergen friendly. Klaire is sold through healthcare professionals. If you would like to order through our office, call and/or email drmatt@mattparsonschiropractic.com to find out how you can order through our office.


probioticrestoreProbiotic Restore Ultra from Advocare. This is a fantastic probiotic, and in fact I took this one myself for years and have many patients and friends that have as well. I’ve always had great results with it.  You can purchase it HERE.





purepalsPurePals from Pure Encapsulations. When we were starting to look for a good Multi for our little one, I kept running into so many products that had fillers, and often products that contain soy or other allergens. Others were also full of sugars and/or some of the nastier artificial sweeteners. This one is chewable and tastes decent enough that she doesn’t mind taking it and it is loaded with enough good nutrients that she has a good base to start. Pure Encapsulations only sells their products through healthcare providers. If you would like to order through our office, call and/or email drmatt@mattparsonschiropractic.com to find out how you can order through our office.


nutrient950Nutrient 950 w/o Iron from Pure Encapsulations. For years I took another great multivitamin, but after much research I found one that fits us better. Nutrient 950 w/o Iron is full of all the basic nutrients that I’m looking for, but most importantly it’s got them in the best absorbed forms. I also appreciate the fact that it’s allergen friendly as well.



coreplexCoreplex from Advocare. This is the multi that I personally took for years. It’s got all of the basic nutrients at great complimentary levels. It also contains a few herbals which are fantastic for helping the body detox and function at it’s best. I’ve been told by numerous people that this is the first multi they ever took that they could actually feel a difference. You can order it HERE.



Fish Oil:

babysdhaBaby’s DHA from Nordic Naturals. One of the most crucial nutrients that you can give your growing child is DHA. DHA is one of the all important Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It’s important to help the nervous system develop optimally and to help the brain develop and function normally. This is the one that we’ve used with our little  one and I highly recommend it. You can purchase it HERE.



omegaplexOmegaplex from Advocare. This is hands down one of the best Fish Oils on the market. There is a good balance of DHA and EPA available and it’s from the best sources of fish. There is no fishy taste and they even added a little bit of lemon to it to make sure. I highly recommend this product. You can purchase it HERE.






Whey Cool Protein: If you are looking for a good quality Whey protein, this is a good place to start. Whey Cool is made from the milk of grass fed cows from New Zealand. The cows are never given grains, hormones, or antibiotics. There are chocolate, vanilla and unflavored. The flavored varieties are sweetened with Stevia.



OrganicPurePeaOrganic PurePea: For a vegan option, or even just variety, Pea protein is excellent. This one is of course, organic, and comes in chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored as well as one with additional greens added. It’s easily digestible and absorbable. I highly recommend adding this to your mixture of proteins.



PurePaleoPurePaleo: Another great protein source that isn’t vegan, but isn’t dairy either. If you are looking for a good protein that provides all the necessary amino acids, this may be a great choice. It comes in chocolate, vanilla, unflavored, and even an IgG version to help with immune function for individuals that need the support.



CollagenPeptidesCollagen Peptides: Collagen protein is easily absorbed and digested. This is great for joints, tendons, ligaments, skin tone and most importantly gut health. This is another one that I highly recommend adding into your plan, even if you are already using other proteins. You can purchase it HERE.




Helpful Products:

51qgOhH9qkLHotLogic Mini Personal Oven. If you are working on trying to get away from using the microwave and/or plastic containers, then this is something you need to check out. You simply put your glass container lunch/breakfast on the burner, plug it in and voila a nice hot meal without the added radiation and chemicals. You can purchase one HERE.



instapotInstant Pot. This little handy device lets you cook healthier and faster. Pressure cookers have been around for years, but this one acts similar to a crockpot, only it works much more quickly. It can cut the time it takes to cook something by up to 70%. It’s also multifunctional, so it’s versatile for a number of things in your kitchen. Get yours HERE.

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