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Try This Simple Core Exercise to Help Prevent Low Back Pain

Have you heard the term “core” muscles? Unless, you’ve been hiding under a rock, I would almost guarantee that you said yes to that question. But what does that really mean? And, more importantly is how do you strengthen your “core”? And, even if you do, will it prevent your from having any sort of back problems?

First, let me answer all of that and say that the “core” muscles are very important for stability of the low back and hips and even the upper back and neck as well. And, there are a number of good exercises to help strengthen the area other than just crunches and planks, so don’t feel like you are stuck if you don’t want to or can’t do those very well.

One of the big keys to note is that there is more to the “core” than just the abdominals and the erector spinae muscles of the low back. There are a number of muscles that actually make up the “core”, and perhaps no other one is more vital to stability than the transverse adbdominis.

You can think of this particular muscle as being almost like nature’s weightlifting belt for your body. The transverse abdominis runs around the area low to midback, the ribs and down even to the pelvis bone. It sits deep to all the abdominals you hear about most, like the ones that make the “six pack” or the obliques.

This muscle is extremely important to keep your back, and for that fact, the rest of your body stable during any sort of activity, so it’s one that needs to be addressed first to help prevent any problems.

I explain more in the video below:

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