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We aren’t your average Doctor. We’re not even your average Chiropractic office. Here’s what makes us different. In our office, we believe in taking care of the whole person. And, while that’s the goal of many Doctors, we approach healthcare from a whole different angle. There are many causes of disease. And, as such, we hear of new discoveries in medicine and in science all the time about some new trick or technique to combat this disease or that disorder. That is part of what has caused our nations healthcare costs to skyrocket, and is a big part of what has brought our economy to its knees. Most Doctors are looking at the concept of health all wrong. We know what it takes to keep a person healthy most of the time. We know that it’s the body’s ability to deal with stressors, both inside the body and outside the body that causes disease. So, our approach is to help you stay as healthy as possible. Here’s how:

We approach health with the Functional Four in Mind:

1. Functional Foundation: This is where it all starts, and this is how people get “miracle cures” in a Chiropractic office. It has nothing to do with miracles. In fact, it’s not even “treating” the disease or problem that brings most people go into a Chiropractic office. The bottom line is that if the spine is aligned as closely as possible to “normal” and it’s allowed to function that way, the ability of the brain and body to communicate through the nervous system is at it’s optimum level. Now, when the body has to adapt of respond to something, the brain is able to fully get the message and respond accordingly without the messages being all scrambled.

2. Functional Movement: We are not a gym, and we have no desire to become a gym. With that being said however, we have seen many patients over the years that have tried to get into fitness programs like weightlifting, running 5Ks, or doing Crossfit or Bootcamps. They begin these things with the best of intentions only to become sidelined and discouraged as injuries pop up or continue to interfere with their progress. In our office, we will evaluate you to see if you have the ability to move the way you are supposed to move both from a spinal standpoint, but also from the standpoint of how the arms, legs, etc. move. If there is an imbalance somewhere in the muscles or joints, we help address that problem so you can get much more effective and safe workouts, and more importantly results!

3. Functional Fuel: No matter how much you move or even how much your spine is aligned, if you don’t take in good quality food and nutrients, your body cannot respond and adapt to its best ability. Functional Fuel is not about putting you on the latest fad diet or trying to get you to look like a model on Fitness Magazine. What it is about is showing you the proper guidelines for what you can/should eat and why. We show you what makes up good choices, and more importantly teach you how to discern for yourself whether something is worth putting in your body.

4. Functional Thought: “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Truer words are hard to find. Your thought patterns have as much to do with keeping you healthy as any of the previous three. Perhaps, you could even place it number one on the list because the way you think and the way you view your world around you will affect everything you do or don’t do. We’ll show you ways to keep yourself thinking at a high level and how to keep yourself in a positive, healthy frame of mind most of the time.

When you come into our office, we will sit down and discuss the things that brought you in such as pain, symptoms like IBS, allergies, etc., or even if you are just looking to become the healthiest person you can, we want to help you get what you want, so we will talk about your goals. After the initial consultation, we will take you through a complete examination so that we can see where you are currently. During this exam we will take you through Chiropractic testing, Range of Motion Testing, Neurological Testing, Vitals, and Posture Assessment. We then will usually(there are exceptions) take X-rays to see how the spine looks. Once we do this, you are finished with Day 1 in our office.

We will bring you back in on Day 2 to discuss everything we found in your initial consultation and examination. We will show you how the body is supposed to work and teach you how to look at your own X-rays to compare them to “normal”. We then will discuss options for your care in our office. And, when you decide you want to get started, we will begin your program that day.

Along with this initial evaluation, we also offer a complete Functional Assessment as well. During this, we will take you through some Functional Movement testing to see where you have imbalances in your muscles and joints. We will also consult with you on how to get started on Functional Fuel. What this means is that we will show you the basics of getting started eating clean and wholesome foods and taking good quality supplementation. If necessary, we can take this further and discuss Gluten Intolerance, food allergies, etc. We also will show you some ways to begin working on your Functional Thoughts. Generally, this evaluation will be done on a separate day from your initial exam.

Once we get you on a program, we will take you through a  series of Chiropractic Adjustments. We will also show you different stretches, exercises, therapies, etc. that will help get you on the best track to optimum health. We will guide you with eating plans and basic exercise plans. We will also assist you with supplementation as well. The value of all of this, you can’t even begin to put a number on, so the question becomes, is your goal to survive or to thrive in life?

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